Mailing List, I need your helpful hints.

First of all. You have got emailed intentionally and not by error or to "spam" (flood your inbox with unwanted - advertisement - emails) you!

Your Email-address was found on the internet on a mailing-list where the address "" was listed. I know who the real owner of this email-address is as the server it was routed to was physically located at the backbone of my (I've been 50% shareholder that time) former company, (query for AS21158). It is the list I email to.

I know, or better, knew the guy who was the owner of the server personally and I still remember he showed me his new symmetric multi processor Suse Linux box (therefore the "smp" local part in the email address) in 2002 or 2003. He also is, better, has been a friend to the mother of my daughter, my ex-partner, in the further referenced as U. The guys full name – Stefan Mojschewitsch - can be used as he is not alive any longer.

Due to a custody trial regarding my daughter and the defamatory statements my ex used at the court me and my business-partners split up to protect the company and their shares value. She (U.) succeeded in ruining the business. In 2008 a former freelancer-colleague (J.S.) emailed me that two of my former co-workers has died, with the same emails i as informed that another colleague, Tim von Schauroth, passed away in the same timeframe, too. As the one death was somehow expected, due to an illness, the other occurred unexpected and, how I got informed : "SOMEHOW MYSTERIOUSLY in a TENT in VIENNA" (not in Germany).

Additional to this I've got attacked on my VoIP-Server Systems (dictionary attacks)! And currently I experience DDOS-Attacks of more than 250 GBytes/Month per DNS-Server, on a VPS/VServer for my private use only. This attacks are not by a virus or worm, they are targeted. In the meantime I set up additional nameservers and I can give evidence that attacks were issued especially to make my domains web-presence unavailbale.

So I started to investigate who might have a motive to do me harm. And I found out that one of the websites Stefan Mojschewitsch was hosting on his machines seems to have sado-masochistic porn content.

As, due to the ongoing DNS-Attacks, i cannot be sure that you are able to reach my website in the near future, I attached some screenshots and attached some emails as textfiles that might be helpful in a bzipped tarball.
There have been several ASSASINATION ATTEMPTS against me in the near past.

Now to my question: Is anybody on the mailing-list knowing something about Stefan Mojschewitsch that can be helpful for me.

Thank you for your attention,
Maximilian Baehring,
P.S.: I Split up with the mother of my daughter as she is in a religious sect, something like the branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, - what they practice they call “Reiki”, they try to cheat people with a kind of religious pseudo-medical-threatment and I did not wanted my child to grow up under such influence.

The religous sect has also been described in a book written about it and discussed in tv-talkshows. i also attached info about this. In the town I used to live, near Frankfurt a.m., in Germany, Europe several corrupt politicians seemed to have helped the sect to infiltrate a public owned medical center.

It is situated very near to the post world-war-2 us-army allied headquarters of europe. Today I live less than half a mile away from european central bank, were they issue the euro currency, less than 10 miles away form this town, Bad Homburg (being famous for killing "Deutsche Bank"-Chairman in a bomb attack by terrorists in the 1980ies) a few yards from my swimming club. it is a small town (50-thousand inhabitants), so everyone knows everyone, the son of the major as well as the son of the managing director of the public owned private company operating the medical center were my classmates.

Some of them took drugs (marihuana/speed/lsd), so maybe this the pressure point where the sect was able to blackmail and infiltrate the public institutions. in this medical center I served my army-time and got sexually abused my the homosexual housekeeper, a Mr. Peter Hett, which also could be a motive.

There were several fugitives from former yugoslavia/kosovo working. An also possible motive is the one that my godfather was a high ranked Nato-Official, lieutenant-colonel of german air-force, I also got a mysterious email that he passed away the mail of my parents in which I got knowledge of that stated that he has died in the year 1010! So maybe kosovo-terrorists have a motive due to german army participating in the NATO-KFOR-Mission in former yugoslavia. Anyhow. the sect stated that they could help infertile parents to get children. As i have not seen my daughter for several years now, this also could be a motive. Also, the mining company my father worked for was supplying israels military industry with metal as raw material which makes me to a target for arab/moslem fundamentalists.

(hey, there are so many things made from tungsten, like light bulbs, and: because soldiers and terrorists also eat bread makes this the farmer a weapon-deliverer?)